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Are You Addicted To Your Cell Phone?

Easy-to-remember, toll-free numbers such as Maroone's are a "cash register" for businesses, especially "vanity numbers" using a word associated with the company or its service, says Judith Oppenheimer, an industry analyst and president of ICB Toll-Free Consultancy in New York. But with the pool of toll-free 800 numbers all but drained, and buying and selling phone numbers illegal, snagging a memorable number can be an exercise in futility. There are a few tricks that can help small businesses find a magic number, despite the competition.

Create custom greetings. I can create custom greetings for a specific person, groups of people and a general greeting for random callers. I can create as many greetings as I have contacts they all work at the same time.

1) Choosing: Choosing a domain name is a lot like choosing a name for your company or law firm. Ideally the name should be consistent with your branding. Determine whether you are branding the name of your company, product or service. Your domain name should be good for branding - short, easy to remember, and has a "ring" to it or creates an image in the mind of the consumer.

The footer goes at the bottom and can contain secondary navigation, copyright information, google to contact, miscellaneous links and whatever else that is of secondary importance.

vanity number for business Rather than listing a local number and giving out a resident type perception, your business will appear like a major professional business. Having a 1-800 hotline can make your business seem to be more competent.

800 vanity numbers are business contact numbers that can easily be remembered. Customers, business partners and suppliers will be able to recall your business contact number without having to exert any effort. Your business contact number can easily be recalled that a client seeing it once would be able to memorize it right away. Customers will not have to write your business contact number. The easy recollection of numbers is possible due to the composition of vanity phone numbers.

Whenever possible, always seek to establish yourself with an 800 vanity number. It is by far what most people are familiar with. If that is not possible, 888 is the next best alternative. Even though it's not as favorable as 800, it's still preferable to 877 and 866. Try not to use 877 unless as a last resort because you may lose some of your phone calls to misdialed numbers -- the general public isn't yet accustomed to 877 being a toll-free prefix. Never use 866 -- you could possibly sacrifice as much as 1/3 of your calls.

Simple Number. There are some GREAT vanity number services out there. Services that can give you whyusevanitynumber numbers like - 1-800-NEW-CARS to 1-800-NEW-HOME. Using numbers like these, or a SIMPLE web address in your radio advertising is a KEY to the success of your business.

Reason #3: Managing Property upon Incapacity. One of the major concerns that many of us have today is not about dying - it's about living too long! We see it all around us - we worry about our parents living in their own home. We worry about their bills being paid and whether someone will walk off with their money. In many cases, we are powerless to help them because all of their property is in their own name. Unfortunately, without doing some prior planning, the only option we have is to file an application with the probate court to have a guardian appointed for them. That's a gut wrenching experience because all their personal and financial affairs will have to be paraded before total strangers, and they will be forced to suffer the indignity and humiliation of being declared incompetent.

The first SIM card to hit the marketplace was about the size of a credit card. Then that card shrunk, and this new, so-called "mini SIM" enjoyed years of popularity. Then the mini SIM got even smaller, and it became the "micro SIM card." Micro cards are sometimes referred to as 3FF cards. "3FF" stands for "third form factor," a reference to the fact that it's the third version of the SIM. The creation of the 3FF card was necessary because some new wireless devices were so small, even Mini SIMs were too large for them.

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